Please note that I am no longer taking any new clients until the autumn, as I am moving from Newcastle to Northern Ireland in the summer

Find out if my style and approach will work for you

I know how difficult it can be to decide which counsellor is best for you. Whatever your reasons for seeking help, you'll want to feel that your chosen counsellor's approach suits you and your needs.

Your relationship with your counsellor is vital for a successful outcome. For that reason, I offer a free introductory session to give you an opportunity to get to know me and my approach. You'll be able to tell me something of what's bringing you to counselling, ask me questions, and I'll explain how I work so that you can decide whether you'd like to start your journey with me through regular sessions. You do not have to decide there and then whether you want to begin regular sessions, but can have some time to think it over.

My aim is to offer you a safe, non-judgemental place where you can begin to look at some of the issues that are troubling you.

Counselling can take place:

  • Face to face
  • Online
  • Walking together outdoors

I work both short term and long term depending on your specific needs.